Bail Bonds and Arrests at Indiana Beach or Holiday World Splashin’ Safari

Amusement parks are full of fun and good times; however, on occasion, things can turn sour. Hundreds of people are arrested each season at Indiana amusement parks like Holiday World, Splashin’ Safari, and Indiana Beach. From public intoxication charges to petty theft, arrests are made each day at these popular theme parks. Fortunately, there are bail bond services in these areas that can help get a person released from the local county jails in Northern Indiana. Continue reading to learn a little more about theme park arrests and how to get bailed out of jail in Monticello, Indiana and other Northern Indiana cities like Santa Claus, IN and Spencer County, IN.

Monticello, Indiana Arrests and Bail Bonds

The city of Monticello is located in White County, Indiana; north of Lafayette and about an hour east of the Indiana Illinois border. It is best known as the home of Indiana Beach Amusement Resort; a popular Indiana theme park attraction. This amusement park can hold thousands of visitors at a time, making it easy for petty crime and juvenile misconducts to occur. Most arrest take place at peak season times, such as late spring and early summer. This is when the weather is most desirable and cooperative, lessening the chances for rain and cold temperatures.

Crimes such as weapon or drug possession, theft or shoplifting, public intoxication, fighting, public hostility or pugnacity, and vandalism are the most common violations seen at these theme parks. Again, this is common behavior seen among large groups of strangers, and is inevitable to a certain extent. Once an arrest happens at Indiana Beach Amusement Resort, they are escorted to an on-site holding cell while park officials wait for authorities to arrive and transport them to the White County Jail for booking. Once at the jail, they will be booked just like every other inmate. Once they are processed in, they can get started bailing themselves out of jail with a bail bond.

Santa Claus, Indiana Arrests and Bail Bond Services

At Holiday World and Splashin’ Safari, the same rules, statistics, and processes apply. Bad behavior or misconduct will lead a person to the Spencer County Jail for processing. Once they are finished being booked, they can apply for a bail bond. Tippecanoe County Jail is another location that inmates can be transferred to if the holding cells are full during peak seasons.

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