How Do Bail Bonds Work in Monticello, Indiana?

Bail Bonds in Monticello, IN

Bail bonds are like an insurance program for violators or offenders in the criminal courts. They make sure that the criminal defendant actually appears for their scheduled court date. It is an important process, and a process that is important to understand.

The Court System and Bail Process

Bail bonds are also referred to as surety bonds. When someone has been arrested, it is usually an attorney, family member, or friend that will contact an Indiana bail bond agency. Sometimes the defendant themselves can contact a bail agency while incarcerated. During this first phone call, basic information will be asked for by the bail agent.

-Where is the arrestee being detained?
-How long has the arrestee been held?
-On what charges are they being held?
-How long have they lived in their current residence?
-Employment information
-And maybe more

This consultation allows the bail agent to assess the risk involved in the bail bond.

If the person requesting a bail bond decides to go through with the bail process, they will be asked to complete and sign Indiana Bail Bond Documents, such as:

-Bail Indemnity Agreement
-Bail Bond Application

Most bail bond companies in Indiana can process this paperwork by fax or email, which reduces the time line of the bail process. Also, come bail companies will actually dispatch a bail agent to the client.

Once the bail bond paperwork is complete, signed, and finalized, the bail process can move forward. This involves a licensed bail agent “posting” bail at the jail where the defendant is being held. This will result in the release of the defendant. A professional and experienced bail bond company can complete the entire bail bond process in less than three hours. For arrests involving alcohol or narcotics, the bail bond process cannot even begin until the facility or jail has determined the defendant sober. This is usually a 7-9 hour wait. Then the bail process can begin.

Bail Bond Fees in Monticello, IN

The fee is usually 10% of the full bail amount that the defendant or customer has to pay.

(I.E.) Full Bail Amount = $10,000, Cost of Bail Service = $1,000

This fee is mandated by state law; the bail agency has no control on this percentage. Some Bail Bond Companies, however, offer payment options and plans.

Getting friends, family, attorneys, or collateral involved in the bail process lets the bail agency know that there is less risk involved in helping the defendant and that they are very likely to show up for court. The bail agency will supervise their bailees because it is ultimately the bail agency’s money at risk. So if the defendant fails to appear for court, the bail company has time to find them and bring them in. If you recall the show, “Dog the Bounty Hunter”, this is his job. So, with this in mind, always fully understand your role and responsibility as a bail bond indemnitor BEFORE agreeing to bail someone out of jail. If it is a person that has a risky history and irresponsible with the law, it is not recommended to bail them out of jail. You will be in a whole heap of a mess if they “skip bail” and fail to show up on their court date. If this happens, the bail agency comes after you, and will expect you to aid them in finding the defendant and bringing them in. You would be required by law to assist them in this search.

The Arrest and Booking Process

When someone is arrested in Monticello, Indiana, they are taken to the local city or county jail for booking. Bail is set during the booking process. Once the defendant has been booked, there are numerous options for getting out of jail.
Release Options:

-Bail Bond or Surety Bond

-Own Recognizance (O.R). This is for lesser crimes, where the judge will just release the defendant on a promise to appear for their scheduled court date. In some cases, there isn’t even a mandatory court date. Just a slap on the wrist and the defendant is on their way. Again, this is only for lesser crimes like Public Intoxication, or driving without car insurance, etc.

-Cash Bail. The defendant would have to pay the entire bail amount in cash (as a cashiers check) to the court. Once the case is resolved, the entire amount is refunded.

-Citation Release. This is just being assigned a court date and being released. This usually happens with traffic violations and lesser crimes.

-Property Bond. This type of bond can take weeks to finalize, and equity in the property must be equal to 150% of the bond. If the defendant fails to appear for court, the property would foreclose.

The Monticello, IN booking process involves background check, fingerprinting, warrant checks, and being entered into the computer program. The defendant is searched for weapons, narcotics, and anything else suggestive or illegal. Their personal belongings are recorded and vacuum packed in a plastic bag. It is returned to them when they are released. In jail, the arrested will just sit on a block of cement and wait hours to be released. Sometimes the jail cells play movies to pass the time. The process of booking a defendant is time consuming, which is why the arrested can wait up to 48 hours to be released from jail.

Being Released from Monticello, IN Jails

The jail release process is the opposite of the booking process, basically. The arrested is taken from the jail cell, and their personal belongings are returned, and then they are given their paperwork with information on court dates and further legal instruction. The release process can take a few minutes or a few hours, it just depends on the size and frequency of the jail.

The important variable in the entire arrest process and ordeal, is finding a trusting and experienced bail bond agency in Monticello, Indiana that will make the process simple for you. They are the key to a fast and secure release.