What Can Bail Bond Services Offer?

Not all bail bond agencies are alike, but in Indiana, there are a number of services expected of a bail bondsman. Depending on the county a person is in, a good bail bond company should be able to offer services that truly help and assist clients with their bail needs. Continue reading to catch up on services a typical bail bond agency can offer, and how to find a reliable bail bondsman in your area.

General Bail Bonds

It should be obvious that all bail bondsmen can offer their community bail bonds. Bail bonds are basically a financial contract to bail a person from jail on the understanding they will appear for all court dates or forfeit the entire bond amount. The courts mandate how much a person’s bond is after an arrest and a bail bondsman will cover that amount for a non-refundable service fee. If the person misses their court date, they will have a warrant issued for their arrest and ordered to pay the bail bondsman back the entire bond amount. On average, these can range anywhere from $500 to $20,000, and sometimes more. This is why it is never good to skip a court hearing when out on bail.

Arrest Warrant Services

If an arrest warrant is issued for a person’s arrest, they are expected to turn themselves in within a permitted amount of time, or the warrant will turn outstanding. Having an outstanding arrest warrant is bad news because it can hinder a person in so many ways. They cannot pass a background check for a new job, get a drivers’ license, file taxes, and much more. All databases will be alerted of an outstanding arrest warrant, including local law enforcement. A bounty hunter can also come looking for the person and have them taken into custody on the spot. A reputable bail bond company should be able to offer services for arrest warrants. Hiring a bail bondsman before turning yourself in can ensure a fast and speedy process through the jail. With a bond already in place, a person can be released from jail right after being processed. A good bail bonds agent can obtain a person’s release for a warrant in as little as a few hours.

Jail Pick Up Services

Bail Bond companies should also be able to provide pick up and drop off services for people bailing themselves out of jail, or turning themselves in on an arrest warrant. This allows them to be more taken care of, putting them at ease. A dependable bail bondsman is friendly and courteous to all clients, as well as, understanding and supportive. Offering pick up services from the local county jails is a good service to offer.

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